Investigators, Experts, & Problem-Solvers

At DKO Engineering, we proudly serve in many roles to help our clients gain insight into a structural concern, property damage, or claim. Sometimes, when we’re called, the situation can be stressful for those involved. That’s why our expert engineers are always approachable and handle each project with professionalism. While a quick turnaround is critical, we never sacrifice quality and deliver superior work that we stand behind every time.

Forensic Engineering

Wind, water, fire, hail, or impact, such as a tree falling or a car hitting a building, can cause property damage or loss. Uncovering the source of the problem, determining the extent of damage, and answering the client’s questions promptly are crucial. We provide damage and failure assessments with clear insights and recommendations in a thorough report. If a claim or case goes to court, we can provide expert testimony and defend the information in our report.

Structural Engineering

We provide structural assessments for renovation or repair projects, such as an addition to a home or removing a load-bearing wall. For an established structure, we evaluate the extent and scope of the damage and produce repair drawings. We deliver high-quality plans, details, and specifications for new commercial and residential construction. Our expertise extends to commercial, residential, and multi-family structures.

Construction Defect Analysis

Sometimes, design and construction don’t always go as planned. We can analyze the structure and documents to determine deficiencies in the design or construction, scope of damage, estimate the damage cost, and validate the claim on a residential or commercial property.

Our Areas of Expertise:

Wind and Flood Damage
Fire Damage
Impact Damage
Hail Damage
Structural Design & Repair
Construction Defects
Building Envelope
Code Compliance

Our Process

Call (704) 572-9440 or submit an assignment with photos, drawings, documents, and information about your project.
Set up a site visit, and we’ll perform an analysis or evaluation.
Receive a thorough report that resolves your questions to move your project forward.